JH Operating Company

Company Description

JH is an Oil and Gas engineering services company with decades of downhole and surface facilities experience. We are focused on delivering the best value and highest level of expertise in design, implementation, and operations. Whether it’s a simple peer review, or a full engineering, procurement, and construction management project, JH is dedicated to providing “Engineering that Works”.


  • Production Facilities
  • Saltwater Disposal
  • Compression
  • Site Supervision


  • Property Evaluation
  • Artificial lift design and optimization
  • Remedial Work

Digital Oil Field:

  • Scada
  • Data management
  • Data visualization and machine learning

Architects / Engineers

  • Engineering Services
  • Facility Design / Construct


  • Oilfield Construction / Contractors
  • Project Management
  • Disposal


  • Consultants
  • Consulting - Reserves and Economics
  • Consulting - General Oil Field