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Phoenix Mechanical Integrity Services

Blake DeRango

7080 Cherry Creek South Drive
Denver, CO 80231-
Phone Number (303) 589-5442
Phone (800) 281-0650
Email Blake.Derango@PhoenixMechanicalIntegrity.com
Internet http://phoenixmechanicalintegrity.com/
Company Description

Phoenix Mechanical Integrity Services is a conglomeration of individuals experienced in inspection and technology. Whether it is designing a technology driven program around your specific facility or performing daily Run and Maintain activities Phoenix Mechanical Integrity Services can assist in providing these services. Phoenix Mechanical Integrity Services offers a full line of visual inspection services such as API 510, 570, 653. and traditional NDT services such as Magnetic Particle Testing / Wet Florescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, and Ultasonic Thickness Testing.

Founded on a commitment to providing superior service, our clients work with experienced, well-trained, qualified and certified personnel. Whether you need technicians for run and maintain, call out, advanced inspection services or engineering support, Phoenix has the personnel to fulfill your inspection needs. We are the experts in this industry that you rely on.


Our people are our greatest asset, and our culture is fueled through our core values. We believe this shared set of operating principles creates the higher standard of quality in our work.


Safety is paramount at Phoenix. Our commitment to "Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents" is not a slogan, it's a reputation we pride ourselves on.


In all we are and all we do, our greatest value to our clients is visible in the degree to which we innovate a solution and produce a result through excellent service. Continuous improvement through lessons learned, shared knowledge and mentoring.


We honor our customers throught constant communication, partnership and a high level of integrity.

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