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Petra Environmental Systems, Inc./Powder River Consultants

Jessica Kaufmann

31511 Shadow Mountain Drive, #C
Conifer, CO 80433-
Phone Number (720) 375-0254
Company Description

Petra Environmental Systems, Inc. (PETRA) provides consulting services for production facility design, installation, maintenance, facility upgrades, production optimization, flow-back, and workover rig supervision. PETRA was founded in 1997 by its current Owner/President, who owned and operated oil wells and was a workover rig contractor prior to establishing PETRA.

This experience, coupled with an understanding of oil & gas well operational cost control, environmental permitting and compliance, and a strong safety culture, led to the establishment of Powder River Consultants (PRC), PETRA's environmental, health & safety (EH&S) compliance division.

PRC provides EH&S consulting services from pre-APD data collection to final site reclamation. PRC's experienced and certified staff have a thorough understanding of BIA, BLM, EPA, Tribal, OSHA, USCOE, USFS, USFWS, as well as, state and local rules and regulations.

PRC Services; Air Quality and Fugitive Gas (LDAR compliance, EPA Method 9 and 22 monitoring, GHG reporting, 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO compliance, certified optical imaging inspectors, Water (water sourcing and special use permitting, APD permitting, potable and non-potable water quality sampling and monitoring programs, produced water management planning and permitting), Engineering (pad & facility design, GIS mapping, certified land surveyor, SPCC Plans, storm water control design and permitting, site reclamation plans, wetland delineation and 404 permitting, and FERC permitting), Safety (third party health and safety plan and program development and management, contractor vetting and oversight, State and Federal OSHA compliance support), and Incident Response (Incident and Emergency Response Plan development, implementation and training, agency notification, sampling, remediation, and reporting).

Additionally, PETRA and PRC can provide public outreach, hearing support and expert testimony.


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