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Balon Corporation

Balon Headquarters

Greg Reid, Casper, WY
3245 South Hattie Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73129-
Phone Number (307) 797-0598
Phone (405) 677-3321
Fax (406) 677-3917
Email 27db5ff5-75d2-43a4-871d-4a3427598563
Internet www.balon.com
Company Description

Founded in 1965 by Domer Scaramucci, Balon is a family owned company that has expanded in its more than five decades of operation from an initial 4,000 square foot building to a modern manufacturing facility that encompasses over 1,400,000 square feet today.

Mr. Scaramucci's product designs for the oil and gas industry had long been recognized as inherently superior. It was this experience and success that spurred Mr. Scaramucci to start and structure a valve company that would focus on the integrity of the product as a reflection of the integrity of the Company itself. He envisioned higher quality, safer valves, and valves that would embody the overall Company destiny: to be different by philosophy and better by design. In the ensuing years, Balon has established a reputation for providing valves that have proven their superior quality and have become the standard by which all others are judged. Our skilled and committed workforce is our most valuable asset and sets Balon apart from its competition.

Balon is poised for the future as we continue our pursuit of uncompromised quality and total dedication to customer satisfaction and safety.

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